Individualized Treatment

Has traditional PT failed you? Our advanced skills and holistic, individualized approach can help you return to a higher level of function. We believe in a TEAM approach with our patients, where instruction and appropriate self-care contributes to long-term treatment success.

Physical Therapy for Golfers

We work with professional golfers on the PGA Tour and Tour, and can help you improve your ability to play with greater ease and without pain. Often, one or two manual therapy treatments can significantly improve your spine and hip mobility, allowing for improvement in your swing.

Sports Medicine

Professional athle​​tes receive the most progressive care: early intervention, expert diagnosis, sport-specific rehabilitation, and emphasis on prevention of further injury. That’s why they can get back on the field so quickly after injury.

Ergonomic Services

Nagging injuries often begin with small repetitive movements that are performed every day. Sometimes a minor adjustment in a worksite setup or in body mechanics for work/ADLs (activities of daily living) can make all the difference.